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Clean The Vase
Look after the cleanliness of your water vase. Prevent the development of bacteria and viruses that can kill your cut-flowers by washing your vase and soaping it. Rinse thoroughly after washing it with soap and water.
Also, don’t leave your vase to dry without properly cleaning it. The remaining bacteria and viruses may kill another set of new bouquets in no time. You can clean your vase using a quart of warm water and soap.
Change Water Regularly
Fresh-cut flowers thrive on clean water. They need a lot of water to live longer. They are particularly in need of water after the stems have been cut. Refill water if needed and replace it the remaining part of the vase from time to time.
Make sure to fill the vase with water to keep flowers hydrated. It is necessary to maintain a good amount of water for the flowers to stay gleaming and to avoid drying and wilting. If you want fresh flowers, be sure to check the water level and quality every now and then. Changing the water regularly also prevents the formulation of an awful smell.
Clean and Healthy Water
There are several kitchen products you can use to keep your blooms fresh and healthy. For instance, a bit amount of sugar added into the water helps to nourish the flowers. It also speeds up the opening of the blooms. Besides this, with a little amount of vinegar or lemon that is stirred properly with water, the growth of bacteria and viruses in the water can be obstructed. This will keep your flowers fresher for a longer period.
Remove Lower Leaves
You should cut the leaves in the lower part of your flowers so there won’t be any in the water. In any case that there are leaves that have dried, remove them as soon as you notice them. Remove any dry or excessive leaves before inserting the flowers back into the vase. This will boost the capability of the fresh stems to absorb more water faster and better than before.
Use Sharp Knife To Cut
It is not advisable to cut the stems with a dull object or a pair of scissors as this can damage the stem tissue of the flower. It can also obstruct the water absorption process of the flowers. When your flowers arrive, you must cut the bottom one or two inches at an angle. Use a sharp knife to cut the stem to prevent crushing it. Be careful not to smash or pierce any part of the stem. That way, the water vessels will not be affected as well as water absorption.
Cutting the stem helps the flowers to absorb more water when putting them in a vase. After the first cut, be sure to trim once every few days to expose fresh tissue and help it absorb more water.
Keep in Good Temperature
Once flowers are in your care, you must do everything to ensure that they are in a cool environment. Fresh-cut flowers are sensitive to temperature. The best temperature for non-tropical fresh cut flowers is between 33 to 35 degrees F.
Keep Away From Toxic Environment
Flowers are very sensitive to pollutions like cigarette smoke and poisonous materials. These need to be kept away from radiations and toxic fumes. A filthy environment destroys the flowers so you need to let them have fresh and clean air. Like humans flowers too need fresh air to breathe.
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